The Spinner™ Series

Developed for a flexible and effective removal of grease, smoother deposits, smaller roots etc. They have thrusting jets that are changeable according to your specifications, together with rotating adaptable propulsion 90° and 45° jets. With this you will get a strong water pattern for effective removal of debris. The closer the jet is towards the debris the more effective it becomes. This is probably the most important rule when using a spinning (rotating) nozzle.

C-Ray™ Nozzle Series

Has been developed in co-operation with our customers. The C-Ray™ series is the most effective bottom cleaner on the market by increasing the water speed with ”looping” the water around a patented system of individual conduits. The angle of the water stream, the jet and the jet sizes are designed for optimum pull and cleaning power. The water streams are directed towards the bottom of the pipe for optimum debris moving.

Jaws Sewer Nozzle

Quality stainless steel construction with conduits that allow turbulence free water transportation to the individual jet with SBR rubber conduit cover. Variable jet sizes to accommodate flows from 20 up to 1000 l/min (5-265 US GPM). Low angle jet streams, attack debris at its weakest point with superior performance. 
Increase efficiency 30-50 % compared with conventional nozzles.
Less wear on pump.Less fuel consumption

nozzteq nozzles

Lumberjack® Chain Cutter is a top seller, and we believe it is the most versatile, reliable, and user-friendly cutting nozzle on the market. Many of our customers tell us they use it daily. It’s a low-torque, high-speed cutter designed for use with the water pressures generated by most sewer jetting or combination trucks. Because it’s high-speed, the Lumberjack® is especially good at cutting roots, but it’s also commonly used to cut concrete, grease, mineral deposits, tuberculation, protruding laterals, and chemical buildups.

Fir™ Sewer Nozzles

Designed to clean out sewer or storm water pipes with roots that are clogged with debris or ice. This sewer nozzle will travel further into the pipe when the debris is a mixture of roots and dirt. The FIR’s™ pointed shape effectively works its way into the clog or ice, without losing thrusting power. FIR™ nozzles range between 3 to 6 jets in the rear with a tier design. FIR™ nozzle is made of quality stainless steel which makes this nozzle very economical It is also considered a Tier 1 nozzle according to NASSCO.


A new patented sewer nozzle developed for cleaning sewers and storm water pipes in a cost-effective and resource saving manner (both money and environment). The construction of the BL Swiper™ is made to optimize the cleaning effect by using both the water flow from the high pressure pump, together with the jet streams.

MANTA Sewer Nozzle

We have developed our own line of trouble solving, every day nozzles, built on our collected know how through out the years. They are called the IceBear™ nozzles. The nozzles have a simple but effective flow design with the nozzle threaded to the top for less turbulence in the head of the nozzle. This results in, with the jet angles, good thrusting and debris moving power.