Smart nozzles

The “Rotomax” nozzle uses a controlled rotating cleaning head to ensure maximum jet spray contact time with pipe walls and complete 360º cleaning superior to free spinning rotational nozzles. The Rotomax also has a forward off setting jet that cuts and provides root maintenance.

Heavy Grease removal and entire pipe cleaning along with excellent root maintenance capabilities.

Bullet Nozzle This nozzle is slightly larger than the hose to allow it to operate in 3” lines and larger. 22º rear orifices provide efficient thrust and cleaning power. Available with or without Forward Jet.

Mini Missile Nozzle Solid one piece construction. The Mini Missile’s aerodynamic design combined with 5º orifices creates optimum thrust. These large volume orifices also produce massive water output resulting in powerful flushing capabilities. Replaceable Orifices. Available with or without Forward Jet. 

Drains, pipes with limestone, soap, and grease build up as well as general pipe cleaning applications.

The “Avanti” is a high speed rotational nozzle with a hardened steel drilling fixture to create the ultimate obstruction removal and penetrating nozzle. With no forward thrusting jets like chisel point nozzles and six rear thrust jets, the Avanti is the prefect nozzle for long distance obstruction challenges. 

The ultimate obstruction removing nozzle for extreme blockages and long distance challenges.

The “Weisel” nozzle is a small compact nozzle at a very affordable price and is perfect for general pipe cleaning.

General Pipe Cleaning. 
Optional front jet to help penetrate minor blockages.

Sand and Sludge Nozzle With a 4-1/2” diameter and a 15º, 35º or 45º selection of 8 replaceable orifices, the Sand and Sludge Nozzle will flush out sewer debris in a matter of minutes. 15º orifices are recommended for lines up to 8”, 35º for lines 10” to 12” and 45 º orifices for lines 15” and up. Replaceable Orifices. Available with or without Forward Jet.

Super Blockbuster Nozzle This innovative nozzle is equipped with 13 orifices to supply maximum power and sewer cleaning coverage. Three rear orifices create its back thrust, while the remaining ten orifices located in the front tip at various angles (four forward jets, three jets at 90º and three at 45°) give the nozzle its powerful penetrating and cleaning capabilities. The Super Blockbuster Nozzle’s unique design breaks up and flushes out extremely tough blockages. Available with Forward Jet only.

The “Tri-Star” utilizes six rear thrust jets and four forward thrust jets combined with the long lasting heavy duty forged steel construction, make this the best blockage penetrator on the market. Breaks through blockages quickly to get pipe flow moving.

A great nozzle for common obstruction removal and blockage penetration including ice.

The “Mega 6” series nozzles are designed with heavy weight in order to allow the maximum penetration of mud, sand and various sediment. The multiangle jets offer maximum cleaning effect in very large pipes. 

Various profiles. 
Large pipes with flat floor and large water flow. 
Lines with various sediments, including mud and sand. 
Breaking-up and removal of material in decantation.