The Model 800-HPR TV Truck Unit combines the power of high pressure sewer cleaning, with the technology of color television inspection. These two abilities allow any city, contractor or agency to clean and televise pipe with one unit instead of two. The 800-HPR TV is equipped with the innovative and unique "Umbilical Cord"* - this single construction cord houses both high pressure sewer hose and a video communications cable. This allows the jet camera to propel itself through the pipe using high pressure water and "color televise" as it travels. At street level, the operator views the sewer pipe on a TV monitor as the jet camera travels from manhole to manhole. The guess work is done.

Length: 22'6"
Width: 8'4"
Height: 11'1"
Max Water Capacity: 1500 Gallon
Axle Configuration: Single or Tandem Axle
Max Hose Capacity: 1000'
Hose Size: 1/2" - 1"