The Warthog WG-1 is the proven choice for municipal, industrial and commercial drain cleaning applications. Predominately used in large combination trucks with 1” hose, the WG-1 is field-maintainable for low cost of ownership and can be fitted with replaceable AP2 nozzle tips sized to maximize pump efficiency and effectiveness.

Controlled rotation — Slower dwell time allows jets to penetrate deeper through deposits
Multiple head options — Customize tool for unplugging, descaling or manhole cleaning
Highest quality jets — Hardened stainless steel orifices resist cracking and scratching
Optional descaling head available


Tool Family                        Warthog Classic
Tool Model                         WG-1
Pipe Size                           8-36 in. 203-914 cm
Pressure Range                1500–5k psi 100–350 bar
Flow Range                       50-80 gpm 190-300 l/min
Flow Rating                       4.6 Cv
Rotation Speed                 150-300 rpm
Pulling Force                     70-100 lb 310–450 N
Inlet Connection                1 NPT or BSPP
Nozzle Ports                      5 x 1/8 NPT
Diameter                            4.8 in. 122 mm
Length                               9.1 in. 231 mm
Weight                               10.9 lb 4.9 kg
Descaling Head                 WG 040-DS-R5


Medium Lines 6-18in./152-457mm

WHR Magnum​    WH-1/2 & WH-3/4    WHP-3/4

Large Lines 8-36in./203-914mm

WGR Switcher       WGR Magnum     WG-1     WGP-1 (Puller)     WD 1-1/4

Small Lines 2-4in./51-152mm

WV-1/4     WT-3/8-C     WS-1/2