Medium Lines 6-18in./152-457mm

WHR Magnum​    WH-1/2 & WH-3/4    WHP-3/4

warthog WGP-1 PULLER

Large Lines 8-36in./203-914mm

WGR Switcher       WGR Magnum     WG-1     WGP-1 (Puller)     WD 1-1/4

The Warthog WGP-1 is designed to produce up to 40% more pulling power than the WG-1 (with the front jet plugged). The rear facing jets are angled more sharply and the centralizer fins have been streamlined. The result is more pulling power to navigate longer lines and moderate inclines, plus makes retrieval of the tool easier.


Tool Family            Warthog Classic

Tool Model             WGP-1

Pipe Size                8-18 in.203-457 mm

Pressure Range     1500–5k psi100–350 bar

Flow Range            50-80 gpm190-300 l/min

Flow Rating            4.6 Cv

Rotation Speed      150-300 rpm

Pulling Force          100-140 lb450-623

Inlet Connection     1 NPT or BSPPNozzle Ports5 x 1/8 NPTDiameter         4.8 in.122 mm

Length                    9.1 in.231 mmWeight10.9 lb4.9 kg

Small Lines 2-4in./51-152mm

WV-1/4     WT-3/8-C     WS-1/2