warthog WGR MAGNUM

Small Lines 2-4in./51-152mm

WV-1/4     WT-3/8-C     WS-1/2

Medium Lines 6-18in./152-457mm

WHR Magnum​    WH-1/2 & WH-3/4    WHP-3/4

The WGR Magnum is the first tool in the Warthog Magnum series, specifically designed for extended tool durability and optimal handling of dirty or recycled water.


Optimized speed control extends maintenance intervals.
Latest seal technology effectively handles dirty or recycled water for improved performance
Flush style head protects front shaft seals for longer tool life
Streamlined design keeps tool from catching inside pipe
Carbide nozzles generate higher quality jets
Descaling ports now come standard
Hardened steel centralizer with 4x longer life
Optional fin sizes for different pipe diameters
Independently replaceable fins can be easily replaced as wear occurs without opening tool body
Choose your rotation speed with 3 viscous fluid options.


Tool Family               Warthog Magnum

Tool Model                WGR-1, WGR-1-1/4

Pipe Size                  6-36 in. 76-914 cm

Pressure Range       1500–5k psi 100–350 bar
Flow Range              50-80 gpm 190-300 l/min
Flow Rating              6 Cv
Rotation Speed        150-400 rpm
Pulling Force            30-90 lb 13-41 kg
Inlet Connection       1 NPT or BSPP,
                                 1 1/4 NPT or BSPP
Nozzle Ports             7 x 1/8 NPT
Diameter                   4.5 in. 114 mm
Length                      10.25 in. 260 mm
Weight                      13 lb 5.9 kg

Large Lines 8-36in./203-914mm

WGR Switcher       WGR Magnum     WG-1     WGP-1 (Puller)     WD 1-1/4