Large Lines 8-36in./203-914mm

WGR Switcher       WGR Magnum     WG-1     WGP-1 (Puller)     WD 1-1/4

Small Lines 2-4in./51-152mm

WV-1/4     WT-3/8-C     WS-1/2

warthog WH-1/2 & WH-3/4

The Warthog WH-1/2 and the WH-3/4 are the same tool offered with different inlet ports, either 1/2” or 3/4” NPT or BSPP. These tools are most commonly used with small capacity combination trucks and large trailer jetters. Descaling Heads are available for both models.

Optional descaling heads available.

Medium Lines 6-18in./152-457mm

WHR Magnum​    WH-1/2 & WH-3/4    WHP-3/4