Small Lines 2-4in./51-152mm

WV-1/4     WT-3/8-C     WS-1/2

Medium Lines 6-18in./152-457mm

WHR Magnum​    WH-1/2 & WH-3/4    WHP-3/4

The Warthog WHP-3/4 have been designed to produce more pulling power than other tools available on the market. The centralizer fins are streamlined to allow the rear facing jets to be angled more sharply, giving the tool more forward thrust. The result is more pulling power to handle longer lines and moderate inclines.

Large Lines 8-36in./203-914mm

WGR Switcher       WGR Magnum     WG-1     WGP-1 (Puller)     WD 1-1/4

warthog WHp-3/4