Collection System Cleaning Optimization & SSO Prevention

The conventional practice of regularly scheduled collection system cleaning, especially with high frequency, is intended to lower instances sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). Yet, this practice incurs substantial operational cost,  increased pipe wear and provides no SSO protection between cleanings.

SmartClean®  is a process that uses smart, remote-monitoring technology to drive the cleaning process.  Utilities benefit in three significant ways:

  1. Operating costs are reduced as a result of lower cleaning frequency.

  2. Pipe wear from overcleaning is reduced resulting in longer asset life. This is especially important for protecting older, high risk pipes.

  3. Utilities receive assurance that no SSOs will occur between cleaning. Continuous monitoring provides 24/7 visibility into the collection system.

Collection systems are “blind spots” for most wastewater utilities. This creates the need to clean at specific sites with a history and/or perceived risk of spills. A conservative and well-intentioned wastewater manager often will increase cleaning frequency because not only does cleaning reduce near-term risk, but more frequent visits to troubled sites gives more frequent information about the sites.


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