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Anticipate Events Before They Happen

SmartLevel™ Monitoring System is an integrated, real-time remote water level monitoring system. The system has been designed and built to provide completely unmanned operations. The system requires no external power, performs on-site data collection, analysis, and storage, and provides a two-way communications link directly through a low earth orbit satellite system allowing deployment of Remote Field Units (RFUs) anywhere in the world.


  • Operational Costs are Lowered with Regular Business Hours Response.

  • Risks are Eliminated by Avoiding After Hours Emergency Response.

  • Managers, Supervisors and Engineers Have a New Tool to Increase Efficiency with Fast and Easy Situational Assessment. 

How SmartLevel Works

The SmartLevel™ Monitoring System is designed and built specifically to minimize power requirements, optimize bandwidth and communications based on on-site intelligence and operate for long periods in extremely rugged and corrosive environments such as sewers, wastewater systems and remote electrical utility vaults.


SmartLevel™ can be used in various applications including:

  • Wastewater Collection Systems

  • Storm Water Systems

  • Raw Water Conveyance Systems

  • Any Open Water Channel

SmartLevel: Products
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